Our contracts have undergone multiple audits including public audits on Code4Arena and Immunefi

The easiest way to
trade NFTs

Buy & sell with new advanced orders and flexible pricing


Fulfill orders automatically without user intervention on matching trades

auto-sniping engine

Set orders

Make an order to buy one NFT from a selection of many NFTs

set orders

Collection-wide orders

Set a budget for a minimum number of NFTs to buy within a collection

collection-wide orders

Trait-level orders

Set a budget to buy one NFT within a collection that has a specific trait

trait-level orders

Limit orders

Set max budgets on buy orders and min acceptance prices on sell orders with prices varying over time

limit orders

Modular & extendable

Deploy your own order execution strategies with our smart contracts

Start trading like
the pros

Infinity is building tools and infrastructure for culture exchange. Join us on discord to find out more and contribute. We are on a mission to onboard 100M people to NFTs.

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